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CherieAnns Creations was established in 2022 with the support and encouragement of my family to start my own handmade sewing business. I first learned to sew many years ago in a sewing class in junior high which prompted my grandmother to gift me with my first sewing machine which I still own.  Over the years, family life and work kept me busy and my sewing machine sat neglected in a closet for the majority of those years. 

I picked up sewing again in 2020 and made my first quilts. I came across a few patterns for diaper bags that I made for gifts and that eventually led me to make women's bags, totes, and accessories.

I love the process of creating new products of my own design as well as rely on expert pattern makers' designs to create products that are stylish, functional, and practical for everyday use or special occasions. 

All of my items are handmade in the U.S.A.

My handmade bags are made from a variety of textiles consisting of 100% cotton woven, 100% cotton canvas, waterproof canvas, faux leather, vinyl, polyester or other bases depending on the style and pattern. Detailed description of fabrics can be found in each listing.

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